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The aim of these bushes is to have a homogeneous lapping effect, avoiding any problems of rows and folds over the entire surface of the fabric.

Manufacturing Features

  • Manufactured with a tube of special steel
  • The pins are ground and hot introduced
  • A wide choice of grain and abrasive section
  • The hole is specially arranged so to allow the tissue to remain stretched all the time
  • Manufactured in accordance with the Costumer’s dimensions and features
  • The materials and the machining processes we use are a guarantee for complying with the functional features and the safety standards

    Functional Features

  • Dynamic balance with certification, based on the speed requested by the Customer
  • Longitudinal and torsion stiffness suitable for avoiding unwanted deformation and vibrations
  • A high resistance of the abrasive bristles, even under hard working conditions and on several kinds of tissues