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These cylinder brush are able to remove the traces of colour left on carpets during the printing phase

Manufacturing Features

  • Internal part tube in steel
  • Heads and pivots in steel or inox, shrinking on. The pivots are rectified and if required, they are fixed by screws in order to facilitate the substitution
  • There is a special covering for the tube in steel in order to avoid the corrosion due the chemical agents
  • The bristle disposition can be full, helical and bi-helical
  • Normally trimmed with bristles in nylon, but on request, it can be supplied with any other kind of material
  • Turned and levelled surface for a perfect circularity and concentricity respect to the axe of rotation
  • Manufactured by respecting the dimensions and the features chosen by the Customer
  • The materials and the working processes used, grant the respect of the functional features and of the safety regulations

    Functional Features

  • Dynamic balancing with certification related to the speed required by the Customer
  • Longitudinal and torsional rigidity suitable for avoiding undesired deformations and vibrations
  • Long working life even in hard exercise conditions