About Us

Our history

The Company was born on the 15th of August 1946 in Legnano. The founder Gianni Mazza (born in Sarnico BG in 1906 and deceased in 1992) is the symbol, but also the root, of the Company's evolution. He started working at the age of 9 and he was a very resourceful and creative man. After being the manager for a brush Company for over twenty years, he gave life to his own Company, managed and directed according to a very personal working and life programme, a "spiritual testament" for those who came after him in particular for yesterday's manager his son Sergio and the ones of today, Sergio's wife Vanda, their daughter Barbara and their son Giorgio, with the help of Barbara's husband Giovanni and their daughter Valentina.

The Company started production in its first location in Via C. Balbo, 4 in Legnano in 1959, then moved to Via Pietro Micca 92 until 1973, when the Company moved to its final location in Via Sele 341 in Marnate, in a more spacious area.


The Company Mazza Gianni produces industrial brushes, using the best materials and technology available. In particular for the bristles, metal, vegetable, animal and synthetic (nylon and abrasive) materials are used, chosen according to the functional and specific aspects required by the customer. The raw materials used for the production of the brushes come from different suppliers and they are all selected meticulously.


Every material is chosen according to the cilinder which it's meant to be fitted on (metal, woodden or plastic cilinder). The brushes are made using all the Company's know how and all the experience acquired throughout several years of work. All of our knowledge in this field is also used to solve any problem regarding the use of the brushes.



The brushes, that can be made in many different varieties, are suitable for several fields of application such as: textile (from preparation to finishing of the fabric), paper, glass, tanning, dairy, printing, iron and steel, chemistry, pharmaceutical and packing industry. Our Company is also leader in the grinding process done with abrasive brushes that guarantee a homogeneus effect all over the fabric's surface. Our success lies in the continous research for technical improovements and in the passion for this job that enable us to stand out and be unique.

The quality of our production can be summarized in building solidity and continous research and study of systems for technological and functional innovation. The Company's planning and production ability is completely self-sufficient to respond to the most urgent and demanding requests that our customers make, both in Italy and abroad.