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The aim of the carding is to realize the fibres separation, by releasing them from the impurities still present and by completing the opening and the cleaning started in the previous passages. The cylinder has to keep clean the carding rolls during the working process

Manufacturing Features

  • Internal part in tube in steel
  • Heads and pivots in steel shrinking on
  • The pivots are rectified
  • Covered with staves in wood
  • Covered with jacket in aluminium
  • Normally trimmed with bristles in tampico or in a special mixing, in order to eliminate the electrostatic electricity accumulation
  • Turned and levelled external surface for a perfect circularity and concentricity respect to the axe of rotation
  • Manufactured by respecting the dimensions and the features chosen by the Customer
  • The materials and the working processes used, grant the respect of the functional features and of the safety regulations

    Functional Features

  • Dynamic balacing with certification, related to the speed required by the Costumer
  • Longitudinal rigidity suitable for avoiding undersired deformations and vibrations
  • Long working life even in hard exercise conditions